What is your Aromatherapy Super Power?

I love taking those online quizzes that tell us something about ourselves.  I know many of you do too.  So we created a quiz to let you know your Aromatherapy Super Power.  

Do you think you know all the answers!!

Or you do you feel like there is more for you to connect with?  

Take the quiz and find out.  

Here is the link.  Let me know how you do.  


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Would you like to Improve your Prayer and Meditation Practice?


I will be doing a Master Class for Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy on Wednesday March 10th at 6 pm Central time.  During this class I will be sharing information with you on:

  • Improving mindfulness - “the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the moment.” 
  • Giving you time to reflect on and connect with your relationship with God 
  • Taking time to heal not just physically but mental, emotionally and spiritually – in other words, a prayer and meditation practice gives you the ability to connect and heal your whole being.   
  • Helping you to supported.  These days enhancing our mental and emotional outlook are crucial.  
  • Creating a practice that feel vibrant and connected by including essential oils.  You can really energize your practice with their amazing frequency.  
  • Understanding how to incorporate essential oils into your practice – know how to use them, how...
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Air Element and Essential Oils

Hi all my oily friends.  

I have been doing lots of research and putting together for our upcoming Aromatherapy Retreat.  One of the presentations, I will be sharing with you will be on Essential Oils and the Elements.  

There are so many ways we can think about incorporating essential oils into the Elements.  Today I wanted to share a simple way to work with essential oils and the Element of Air.  

I'll bet everyone out there has at least one diffuser in the home - if you are like me you probably have 2-4 going all the time.  So get essential oils into the air is a something that isn't hard to do.  Even if you don't have a diffuser, you can use a cotton pad, make a reed diffuser - seriously it can be as simply as putting some reeds into a bottle of oil, creating a spray.  And there many more ways I know you all can come up with and share.  

We often think about the Element of Air can assist us in creating connections:...

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Libido - This month in Essential Building Blocks


Did you know essential oils can be a wonderful tool to balance our libido - women and men?

This month in Essential Building Blocks, Libido will be our theme.  

Week 1 - Let's Talk Libido - I will be sharing all kinds of great resources to help you find hormonal balance and emotional balance to get your libido working again or maybe just tweaked with essential oils.  

Week 2 - Q and A - I will answer any questions from the educational opportunity in Week 1 and any other questions, you might have.  Always makes for a great discussion.  

Week 3 - Wisdom Meditation with Cinnamon Bark - A top notch aphrodisiac oil  with so many other emotional and spiritual properties.  We will explore them by way of meditation.  

Week 4 - Cinnamon Bark Immersive - Deep dive into everything Cinnamon Bark.  From the plant itself to the chemistry to the evidence-based ways to use it.  And the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual...

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The Wonders of Clary Sage

In my Essential Building Blocks program, the oil of the month was Clary Sage.  Each month, I do a Wisdom Meditation on the wonderful attributes of the oil and a deep dive into the properties of that month's oil.  

Here is some of the wisdom Clary Sage can provide for us:

  • Help with dream recall and to learn the lessons from our dreams
  • It is a wonderful oil to help with the connection between the pituitary gland and the gonads/ovaries
  • In a study it was shown to be more helpful than vancomycin against MRSA and MSSA
  • It helps to uplift us while keeping us connected to reality
  • It is a great oil for men too!!

I love sharing the wonders of essential oil - and by the way, I talked for about 50 minutes about Clary Sage and did another 30+ minutes in the meditation this month.  So this is literally a little sampling.  

If you would like to know more, check out my Essential Building Blocks program -  30 Day Free Trial

Enjoy your Clary Sage!!

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Aromatherapy Retreat 2021 - Join us Virtually

I am so excited to be doing our 5th Annual Aromatherapy Retreat.  We are really big time this year.  We even have our own website - www.aromatherapyretreat.com

And our own logo 

This year is going to be our best year yet including additions to our Virtual Retreat.  We will be live streaming the retreat so anyone can join us from anywhere.  This will be our 3rd year doing a live stream option.  It is so much fun to be a part of this event.  

Our theme this year is Elemental Anatomy -Discover how to use the Earth’s Gifts to facilitate renewal and healing.   

We would love for you to consider joining us.  Here is the link to find out all the info about the event - www.aromatherapyretreat.com

You can always contact me for me info too - [email protected]

Professional, fun aromatherapy education is a big part of my life purpose.  I would love to have you me to find out how it can enhance your life...

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essential oils Aug 07, 2018

I don't know about you but when it is hot and humid out, I can get pretty miserable.  I sweat easily and when the dew points hit 70 degrees or above, just walking to my car can cause me to start spitzing.  My dogs and horses can really feel it too.  Luckily I have a few oils that I find really helpful to cool the 

The 3 essential oils I like best are Lavender, Eucalyptus - most varieties will work but I use Eucalyptus Globulus, and Peppermint.  And my favorite way to use them is in a mist or spray.  It really doesn't take a lot of essential oils to give you a lot of relief.  Sprays or mists can be a really economical way to use them.  

You can use all 3 or choose 2 of the 3.  Play around with them and find out what combination you like best and what dilution it works for you.  Here is one of my favorite recipes:

  • 1/4 tsp of himalayan salt
  • 10 drops of Lavender
  • 10 drops of Eucalyptus 
  • 5 drops of Peppermint 
  • 10-12 oz of...
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