Libido - This month in Essential Building Blocks


Did you know essential oils can be a wonderful tool to balance our libido - women and men?

This month in Essential Building Blocks, Libido will be our theme.  

Week 1 - Let's Talk Libido - I will be sharing all kinds of great resources to help you find hormonal balance and emotional balance to get your libido working again or maybe just tweaked with essential oils.  

Week 2 - Q and A - I will answer any questions from the educational opportunity in Week 1 and any other questions, you might have.  Always makes for a great discussion.  

Week 3 - Wisdom Meditation with Cinnamon Bark - A top notch aphrodisiac oil  with so many other emotional and spiritual properties.  We will explore them by way of meditation.  

Week 4 - Cinnamon Bark Immersive - Deep dive into everything Cinnamon Bark.  From the plant itself to the chemistry to the evidence-based ways to use it.  And the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual properties and lots of great usage tips.  

Hope you can join me.  Remember only members of Essential Building Blocks have access to this amazing information.  If you want to give it a try and see if it is the right educational opportunity for you -  Click Here

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Thanks everyone.  Hope to see you this month in Essential Building Blocks.

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