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 I am the owner and Founder of Kate Brown Healing Essentials, a thriving private practice for humans and animals.  In my work, I specialize in the use of Essential Oils and energy work for people and animals, through education, coaching, and personal consultations and sessions.  In this capacity, I assist people and their animals in releasing their past, and thrive in the present, using Essential Oils and other holistic solutions to physical, emotional and spiritual matters, as well as working with behavioral issues with animals.  I believe that connecting to your Inner Champion is possible for all animals and people.


I started working with Essential Oils over a decade ago.  After meeting Dr Susan Albright, a holistic veterinarian, who helped me find holistic solutions including essential oils to help with physical, emotional and behavioral issues with a horse, I started studying aromatherapy  I also studied and began teaching for Healing Touch for Animals. Teaching in Healing Touch for Animals and Certification in Clinical Aromatherapy takes me across the country, instructing people who are interested in pursuing the knowledge that these two amazing programs offer.


My certifications are as follows:

*  Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy


*  Instructor of Certification in Aromatherapy for Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy


*  Healing Touch for Animals Certified Practitioner


*  Instructor for Healing Touch for Animals Levels 1-4

*  Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Advanced Practitioner


I live and practice in Utica Illinois Our household includes my husband, Bruce, our Corgi, Hudson, our Corgi/Border Collie, Gus and our two Quarter Horses, Boomer and Lizzie

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