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Kate Brown Healing Essentials provides tools, tips and resources to find balance and purpose for your business, your own life and the animals you love.  

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Denise Mierwza

I almost talked myself out of my businessI was afraid. What did I have to offer tha tother reiki masters/lightworkers didn’tKate helped me to see we were all different and unique, bringing our authentic selves to the table.  Finding a solution to brand ourselves as who we are, and that is our business.

Deena Pavinato

I have been working with Kate for several years.  Kate's intuition and support have been helpful to me as I have looked for a different perspective on an issue or an insight on steps to take to resolve an emotional or physical problem. I highly endorse Kate and her work as a teacher and practitioner. 

Kathy Moffet

Bryce, my cocker spaniel companion, life would have been very difficult and so much more challenging without Kate’s help.  She helped him with fear-reactive issues with both people and other dogs, and then in his later years, she helped him deal with health issues.