Would you like to Improve your Prayer and Meditation Practice?


I will be doing a Master Class for Institute for Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy on Wednesday March 10th at 6 pm Central time.  During this class I will be sharing information with you on:

  • Improving mindfulness - “the nonjudgmental awareness of experiences in the moment.” 
  • Giving you time to reflect on and connect with your relationship with God 
  • Taking time to heal not just physically but mental, emotionally and spiritually – in other words, a prayer and meditation practice gives you the ability to connect and heal your whole being.   
  • Helping you to supported.  These days enhancing our mental and emotional outlook are crucial.  
  • Creating a practice that feel vibrant and connected by including essential oils.  You can really energize your practice with their amazing frequency.  
  • Understanding how to incorporate essential oils into your practice – know how to use them, how much to use, what oils to use – this is the perfect opportunity for you to feel confident with the answer to these questions and more.    


Wayne Dyer called essential oils – God in Bottle.  This class will help you understand how to harness that power and bring it into your practice.   

The live class will also include Live Q and A at the end of the class.  

You will get a recording of the call whether you join us live or have to listen later.  

And all this for only $25!!!  This is a special offer I am doing as a gift for ISHA.  Take advantage of this amazing offer.

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